Here at Wibble, we felt it was time to start a jelly journey, we are helping jelly to finally GROW UP!


Laura, our founder, has been a loyal jelly lover all her life. Right from being a kid she loved jelly but whilst she grew up, she felt as though jelly never really did. Less than impressed with the current lack of jelly offerings available. She decided it was time to jump into the kitchen and invent her own wobbly fun.
Wibble was born!

Laura Jones Wibble Founder
Vegan and plant based jelly

We want to give a forgotten dessert, snack, treat a make-over and new tasty flavour combinations. Why have one flavour when you can have two? Best of all, it’s LOW IN CALORIES, LOW IN SUGAR and


All our jelly pots are packed with tasty pressed juices and other plant-based ingredients, with no hidden extras. 100% NATURAL jelly bursting with REAL fruit juices. That’s the Wibble way!